Congratulations on Your Pregnancy!

Pregnancy and childbirth is such an important and sacred time. Before, during and after child birth I help in empowering women to have the best birth experience, on their own terms, that is possible. My goal is to provide information to help families make informed decisions. I provide continuous physical and emotional support throughout the whole birthing experience. I believe families can benefit from the support of a nurturing, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental doula by their side.


Benefits of Doula Support

Doula support often results in shorter labors, fewer complications, more positive experiences, less need for pitocin, forceps, or vacuum assistance, lessens the chance of Cesarean delivery, and lessens mother's request for pain medication and epidurals. Mothers and families who use doula support often feel more secure in their choices, adapt more easily to life with a newborn, experience greater self-confidence, and less postpartum depression.


Caroline Dotson

I have had the honor of helping couples in the Yampa Valley area prepare for the day that their baby is born. I started on my path of being a doula and midwife in 2012 and I have been deeply enriched by each experience of which I am blessed to be a part.

"Caroline did wonderful and thorough pre-labor information sessions. At the time of birth she supported all of my decisions for pain management & requests for the way I wanted my labor experience to be. I appreciate her respecting my decisions." Mother of baby L